“It’s time to celebrate our diversity and honor all who call Las Vegas home. It’s also time to pass the torch.”

-Kara Jenkins for Las Vegas Mayor

In a crowded mayoral race, Kara Jenkins’ platform for positive change stands out amidst opponents who have become stagnant in their current roles. From day one, her campaign goals have showcased her passion for public service and how she plans to bridge gaps between all entities in Las Vegas. Questions and concerns of families, individuals, small business owners, large corporations, and nonprofits will all be heard so that solutions can be established for the betterment of everyone. More specifically, increased opportunities within the areas of: employment, affordable housing, safer streets, quality education, business growth and operations, as well as better tourism. Follow along on Kara’s journey as she continues to earn votes and her place as the next Mayor of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas knows how to rebound. Our great city is already leading the nation in safely providing entertainment and getting people back to work. It’s time to celebrate us—the real us. Kara Jenkins represents the new, positive voice for our diverse city of innovators from all over the world. Kara has dedicated her career to public service and loves our city. Join her on this journey to represent us as Mayor of Las Vegas.

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