Kara Jenkins—affectionately known by colleagues and friends as “KJ”—has been a public servant of the state of Nevada for over 10 years under Governors Brian Sandoval, Steve Sisolak and, currently, Joe Lombardo.

At present, she proudly serves as the Administrator to the Nevada Equal Rights Commission. A proud HBCU grad, KJ is lawyer by education and a Harvard Kennedy School of Government alumna.

KJ specializes in mediation and conflict resolution. Finding commonality and creative ways to build bridges is her passion and life’s work. KJ has extensive experience in executive oversight of government programs and has built a career around her calling to serve. 

KJ truly loves all people and especially the city of Las Vegas. More than ever, KJ is committed to listening and connecting to residents and representing the city in a way that reflects our community, inclusion, and innovation.

KJ believes that Vegas is a community of amazing people from all walks of life that contribute significantly to the economic vitality of Nevada. 

As a candidate for Mayor, KJ will respect the public health of our community while supporting all Nevadans, from essential workers, long-time residents, those who have come here to restart or realize their goals to business owners, animal lovers, and our most vulnerable.

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