The Vision

My Dear Las Vegas:

The roles of Mayor are many; but essentially the role is to be a representative of the people and support our fabulous City as CEO.  I have many wonderful ideas to partner with members of our community, to understand challenges and needs in an effort to represent our diverse and growing population while encouraging the arts, green initiatives, gaming, night life, parks, schools and providing launch pads for small businesses at local markets. I will support our population, while encouraging tourism and embracing the amazing people who come to Las Vegas. 

2020 was a learned experience that we don’t care to repeat. Now more than ever, we need to repair the impacts of COVID-19 and division. I am optimistic and committed to our city’s comeback.

By building on our amazing history, we now have the opportunity to create a beautiful future, where everyone is welcome. That is my vision.

I will build upon our rich history and pave a path forward that reflects the uplifting city that Las Vegas is. 

I welcome you on this journey.

Kara Jenkins